After a lifetime of service in education and journalism, Phillippa is ready to bring her experience and passion for community to City Council. 

Phillippa’s philosophy

  • Preserve LFP’s natural beauty.
  • Keep LFP livable.
  • Build LFPs strength.

Preserve LFP’s Natural Beauty: Lake Forest Park was founded as a residential community in which preserving the natural beauty of the environment was paramount. This vision is still the driving force for our community. Preserving the tree canopy and returning our streams and sensitive wetlands to health are key to the city’s vision for the future. Phillippa supports this vision, and will work to keep Lake Forest Park a model for other communities on protecting the tree canopy, sensitive environments, and maintaining a high quality of life for current and future residents.

Keeping LFP Livable: Lake Forest Park commuters and schoolchildren must navigate two busy state routes, SR 522 (Bothell Way) and SR 104 (Ballinger Way). Phillippa understands the importance of working with the State, King County and Sound Transit to reduce congestion and make these roads as safe as possible for the bicyclists and pedestrians who must cross them, as well as the cars and buses that use them. She will work to increase access and availability of mass transit, including lobbying for more park and ride facilities and safe bicycle parking in our area. Phillippa will also work to provide more ways for residents, including schoolchildren, to safely walk and bike to school, to the Burke-Gilman trail, and around the city. Lake Forest Park should be a great place to live for all of our commuters and citizens, no matter their mobility needs.

Build LFP’s Strength: Phillippa believes that trust in government is crucial for our future. She will work to create a more transparent and communicative city government that regularly and effectively communicates with its residents and businesses. Phillippa’s professional background in communications and community relations will be helpful in our city which functions well with a small staff, but sometimes cannot cover all bases. She is committed to improving openness and trust, to create an even more collaborative and involved community that works together to find the right balance between scarce resources and needed city services. Phillippa also believes that our city is stronger when it works collaboratively and effectively across the region with the other jurisdictions. She will use her experience and skills to build strong and productive relationships with neighboring cities and districts.

 Phillippa’s policy priorities:

  • Encourage a more open, collaborative and communicative local government
  • Support a safe and welcoming city for all residents, including affordable housing for families and seniors
  • Advocate for more mass transit access – including a park & ride facility and more secure bicycle parking for commuters
  • Support local business, including exploring the option of municipal broadband
  • Adequately fund responsible city budgets
  • Preserve and protect the ecosystem – especially the trees, natural water sources, wildlife corridors, open spaces, streams and lake-shore that are the defining characteristics of Lake Forest Park
  • Work collaboratively with our neighboring cities, districts and counties to improve transportation choices, and preserve the best of our Northwest environment and lifestyle

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